Historical fiction update – more Unsworth Manor Nudes

Unsworth Manor NudesYes, it’s true. There is progress on the next historical naturist fiction story around¬† Unsworth Manor. What is happening there? Are the Earl and his wife all well, safe and sound? And what about the servants? And let’s not forget the kids!

I know, lots of questions. To some I know the answers, to some I don’t yet, and I’m convinced that many more questions will come up (for me) to find answers to.

There is a fun and interesting link developing to the writings of another naturist author. This is Mr Ted Bun, who writes about uncovered policemen and other interesting people who find their way into the naked lifestyle. Ted also runs a naturist vacation place¬†in France called l’Olivette which looks very appealing. I really need to visit there some day. It’s on the calendar.

So far the writing has progressed to chapter 8 of the new story. A lot of things have happened already and there’s more to come. With a footprint of over 17.500 words I dare say things are looking well. Soon I will be writing about a boat, or rather a ship. And there are letters. And diaries. It might shock you to learn there are clothes involved as well. As you see, lots of thrills are developing!

I’ll close this short update now so you can return to the more interesting things in life. Do them nude!

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