Everything seems alive again

breakdownFirst off I’d like to apologise for the looks of the site at the moment. I’m going to fix that as soon as possible; I just need to re-find the layout I used before things went belly-up. Either the same one or something nicer! If anyone has a suggestion for a good WordPress theme, I’m all ears. 🙂

The books are back, that’s the main thing. I’m sorry the posts and all your valued comments got killed in this. I will look for a way to safeguard all this better.

I didn’t need all this with all the other, more fun things I’m working on at the moment. Book 7 of Naked Crow is progressing nicely. I’ve gotten on quite well with the sequel to Unsworth Manor Nudes, which pleases me to no end. Thank you to Mr Ted Bun for the ideas, support and help!

Then there’s a kind of fantasy thriller detective story in the works, which features a young woman named Emma Nelson who discovers something extraordinary about herself, and last but not least I’m writing a new science fiction. This is a strange thing as I’m writing that on my phone. Oh, sorry, I just revealed that I’m a masochist, didn’t I? 😀

nude in a forest

Well, that’s it for now.

Have a great day, everyone.

Make it as nude as you can!


4 thoughts on “Everything seems alive again”

  1. Good luck.Wonder who did that damage.In any case,maybe out of the ashes something even better can rise.

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